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Adaptation of ponderosa pine to climate change

This project 1) identify ponderosa pine populations in the southwestern US suitable for future reforestation projects during increasing aridity; 2) understand traits of ponderosa pine associated with genetic adaptation to aridity. Two important goals to find arid-adapted ponderosa pines to use in reforestation projects during climate change. Ponderosa pine seedlings from 22 provenances will be planted at two SEGA sites (Arboretum Forest and Blue Chute) in late summer 2018, in a block design. At the Arboretum Forest site, the planted area will consist of two zones: a) the core zone where trees were cut in fall 2017; b) a second smaller zone, which is a natural opening.  At the Blue Chute site, the area will be on the east/south side of the fenced enclosure away from mature junipers and pinyon pines on the site. Prior to planting competing vegetation and woody debris will be removed from the planting sites. 

Principal Investigator: 
Prof Tom Kolb and Aalap Dixit
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