Weather Stations

Weather stations will be used to provide garden users with accurate, real-time data on a range of environmental conditions. Prototype weather stations, which are being tested at the sites at The Arboretum at Flagstaff, include the instrumentation listed below. Some sensors are duplicated for redundancy or testing of multiple devices. The final sensor set may include other devices. Each garden site will also include 30 WiSARD wireless sensor devices
supporting multiple soil moisture and temperature sensors (Decagon 5TM volumetric water content sensors and Decagon MPS-6 water potential sensors).


  •     10m tower
  •     (1) Campbell Scientific CR-1000 Datalogger; records raw data from weather / climate sensors
  •     (1) Campbell CMF100 or NL115 External Memory Module with 2GB CompactFlash card
  •     (1) Viasala HMP155A Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Probe at 2m above ground
  •     (multiple) type K thermocouples for air temperature at multiple heights above ground
  •     (3) Campbell 109 thermistor-based soil temperature sensors at 5, 10 and 15cm below ground
  •     (3) Campbell CS616 Water Content Reflectometers for soil water content at 0-30, 30-60 and 60-90cm below ground
  •     (1) Geonor T200B Vibrating Wire Rain Can to measure precipitation on 2.5m pedestal
  •     (1) LI190SB Quantum Sensor measures photosyntheticly active radiation at 3m above ground
  •     (1) LI200X Slicon Pyranometer measures sun plus sky radiation at 3m above ground
  •     (1) 05106-L Wind Monitor, Marine Wind Set Measures wind speed and direction at 10m above ground
  •     (1) SR50A Sonic Ranging Sensor measure snow depth mounted 3m above ground

Portable Sensors for Use at Multiple Gardens

  •     CO2 and CH4 concentration and isotope analyzer – Picarro G2201
  •     N20 concentration and isotope analyzer – Picarro G5101  (NAU- Research Investment Funds RIF-REAP award money)
  •     LICOR survey respiration - LI-8100A