I’m Lichen It! … a new hands-on science project for grades K6 thru’ K12 kicks off at SEGA sites and a schoolyard.

Crusty lichen-covered rocks might not sound like the most obvious place to spark a kid’s interest in science. But that’s exactly what’s happening in a new study that teaches school kids about climate change science using the SEGA network of sites and their own backyard

NAU Awarded $4.1 Million to Study the Ecology and Evolution of Southwestern White Pine and a Non-native Pathogen in a Changing Climate

Southwestern White Pine Infected with White Pine Blister rust

Collaborative Research: Blending Ecology and Evolution using Emerging Technologies to Determine Species Distributions with a Non-native Pathogen in a Changing Climate

Principal Investigator (PI): Kristen Waring, NAU School of Forestry, 523-4920