Black Point

Babbitt Ranches is the landowner of two biological research field stations that will serve as SEGA garden sites: Blue Chute and Black Point. Grassland is the dominant vegetation type at Black Point. Babbitt Ranches, through its Landsward Foundation, is an active SEGA partner.

Established in 1886, Babbitt Ranches practices ecological ranching while maintaining western traditions. The Landsward Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves as the liaison between the owners of Babbitt Ranches and the scientific community. The purpose of the Landsward Foundation is two-fold: (1) to develop and disseminate scientific information that will increase awareness and understanding of ecological processes and (2) to facilitate and advance land-use management based on a land-use ethic that places the long-term ecological health of the lands as a primary objective and takes into account the intimate relationships that exist between people and the natural world.

Site Characteristics Table
Garden name:
Black Point
Coconino County, Arizona
Latitude and Longitude:
35.6835172, -111.478647
Nearest city:
Flagstaff, Arizona
5,138 ft (1,566 m)
Annual Mean Air Temperature:
Minimum 41°F (5°C) - Maximum 69.8°F (21°C)
Annual Mean Precipitation: 6.0 in (152 mm)
On-site manager: No
Overnight housing:
Parent material:
Mixed basalt, limestone, and sandstone
Water source: Well fed by Cemex to on-site tank
Dominant veg. type: Desert Grassland
Weed species:
Mammalian herbivores:
Pronghorn antelope, cows.
Cell phone reception at site:
Other: May be bees, rattlesnakes, scorpions . This garden site is adjacent to one of the headquarters of Babbitt Ranches, which owns the garden site.
Potential Hazards:
lightening during monsoon season (June-Sept)

Soil Photo: 
Soil Description: 
Soil Type: Loamy sand

Site Documents: