Black Point

Babbitt Ranches is the landowner of two biological research field stations that will serve as SEGA garden sites: Blue Chute and Black Point. Grassland is the dominant vegetation type at Black Point. Babbitt Ranches, through its Landsward Foundation, is an active SEGA partner.

Background: Established in 1886, Babbitt Ranches practices ecological ranching while maintaining western traditions. The Landsward Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves as the liaison between the owners of Babbitt Ranches and the scientific community. The purpose of the Landsward Foundation is two-fold: (1) to develop and disseminate scientific information that will increase awareness and understanding of ecological processes and (2) to facilitate and advance land-use management based on a land-use ethic that places the long-term ecological health of the lands as a primary objective and takes into account the intimate relationships that exist between people and the natural world.

Site Characteristics Table

Garden name: Black Point

County: Coconino County, Arizona

Latitude and Longitude: 35.6835172, -111.478647

Nearest city: Flagstaff, Arizona

Elevation: 5,138 ft (1,566 m)

Annual Mean Air Temperature: Minimum 41°F (5°C) - Maximum 69.8°F (21°C) - Mean 55.1°F (13.37°C)

Annual Mean Precipitation: 6.0 in (152 mm)

On-site manager: No

Overnight housing: No

Parent material: Mixed basalt, limestone, and sandstone

Water source: Well fed by Cemex to on-site tank

Dominant veg. type: Desert Grassland

Weed species:

Mammalian herbivores: Pronghorn antelope, cows. 

Cell phone reception at site: Yes

Other: May be bees, rattlesnakes, scorpions . This garden site is adjacent to one of the headquarters of Babbitt Ranches, which owns the garden site.

Potential Hazards: lightening during monsoon season (June-Sept)

Soil Photo: 
Soil Description: 

Soil Type: Loamy sand

Site Documents: